A Fearful Fairy Tale


A Fearful Fairy Tale is Helena Basilova’s third solo album, this time not dedicated to a specific composer, but paying tribute to fairytales.

Music, love, betrayal, loss, the rise and fall, the good and the bad—themes from fairytales as old as the world. Yet we can’t seem to get enough of them. Living in today’s world, pianist Helena feels a strong love for tales, for the unknown, the mystic and magical and for her homecountry Russia.  Leaving her motherland at age 7, a young composer named Yuri Bagri handed her a stock of papers: it was a composition named Fairytales from a forgotten homeland. Specially written for the little girl, ‘ so you won’t forget your homeland ‘ said the composer. She packed the music with her things and left Russia for good to The Netherlands.

“In everyone of us lives a fairy tale, lives a unique book”- Helena Basilova

A FEARFUL FAIRY TALE – Full Program with intermission

A FEARFUL FAIRY TALE – Festival edition