SEE SCRIABIN! February 19th @ Roest Amsterdam

On friday night February 19th I’m presenting my newest project SEE SCRIABIN!

Over the last couple of months I collaborated with a collective of visual artists DEFRAME from Utrecht- NL, together with who we developed live visuals to the music of Alexander Scriabin. Scriabin was the first composer who -already 100 years ago- was intrigued by the idea of adding colors to music and who was experimenting with the integration of other art forms into his music. To me he was the first multi-media composer and we are extremely excited to present SEE SCRIABIN! next month!

February 19th 2016- 21:00
Roest Amsterdam

Presented by 24Classics and Klassiek in de Loods
Made possible by Mason & Hamlin Amsterdam.

Scriabin’s 100th anniversary- Performing in Moscow

Tomorrow, April 27th 2015 marks the 100th anniversary of the death of Russian composer Alexander Scriabin.

Scriabin is one of the composers most dear to me and I’m feeling extremely honored to perform tomorrow at the newly build concert hall of the Scriabin Museum. I could not have wished for a place more suiting for bringing my tribute to him, literally on soil where he lived his last years and wrote his latest masterworks.

“…Scriabin is the singing of a falling moon. Starlight in music. A flame’s movement. A burst of sunlight . The cry of soul to soul…A singing illumination of the air itself, in which he himself is captive child of the gods. A strong tenderness; a mighty invincible sweetness…All his music is light itself…”  (Balmont, 1917)