Alexander Basilov

During 2017 I have been intensively working on publishing music by my late father Alexander Basilov (1946-2007).

Alexander Basilov was a Russian composer and pianist based in Moscow and an influential figure in Moscow’s contemporary music scene. He had studied under Alfred Schnittke, Evgeni Golubev and Stanislav Neuhaus. In January 2018 I will publish a website dedicated to him where his music, scores and a selection of his works will be opened to the world. I’m very happy to collaborate with Donemus Publishing House on this very dear and personal project.

presentation concert
January 28th 2018—> 17:00
Uilenburgersjoel Amsterdam

Many thanks to Donemus Publishing House and the Wilhelmina E. Jansen Fonds for making this project possible. More information about the concert and tickets please visit this site: Splendor Amsterdam.
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