How to find connection?

As we are all facing current situation, first of all I’m hoping that most of you are in good health, as well as are your beloved ones and family. Last month and weeks have been complicated times, in many respects, but I’m hoping that the time for reflection and introspection will bring all of us something fruitful in return.

A question that still needs to find more answers is how we as artists can connect with the world in times that force us to isolate and in times when we are not able to go on stage? How can we share the experience of music and how can we still create and connect while being so far apart?

A starting point of this experiment are the numerous live-stream concerts that have been initiated by various organisations and concert halls. Coming Sunday The Dutch National Instrument Foundation will stream a performance directly from my practice space in Amsterdam, where I’ll play works by Ravel, Prokofiev, Firsova and Medtner.

As I feel that streaming is not the final answer to fill the gap of sharing a live experience, I do think that it is a very good start in dealing with the situation and I’m looking forward to new ways of connecting to become available to us in the near future.

There was no one near to confuse me, so I was forced to become original.”
– Joseph Haydn

May 3rd  //  15:00 (GMT +2)