Trio Basilova I Fridman I Napolov

A new trio is born!

Together with Maya Fridman (cello) and Konstantyn Napolov (percussion) we focus on newly written music and collaborate with composers of today in search of new sound lanscapes, colours and ways to combine our instruments into a unique force.  
Works have been written for us by a.o. Aart Strootman, Meredi, Daniel Wohl, Christian Dieck and we can’t wait to play our shows next season and to collaborate with more composers.

We kick off in a few weeks Blaricum Music Festival performing David Lang’s Triple Concerto “Pierced” conducted by Mathieu Herzog and the festival orchestra.
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David Lang’s Pierced with orchestra

I’m very happy to present to you the birth of new trio:


Together with Maya Fridman- cello and Konstantyn Napolov – percussion.
Within this new collaboration we are focussing on newly written 21st century works.

Our first presentation as a trio is planned at the Blaricum Music Festival this summer on July 4th where we will perform David Lang’s triple concerto Pierced with the festival orchestra and Mathieu Herzog.