Morton Feldman Video


Very happy to share a new video of my latest release of Feldman’s Triadic Memories accompanied by visuals shot during an Amsterdam night stroll along the canals in november 2020 by the inspiring Vincent Rang. Amsterdam, november 13th 2020.

Composer Morton Feldman (New York,1926-1987) searched for ways to reform our sense of structure, time and form. He regarded his Triadic Memories (1981) as a spatial landscape in which you move. Lengths of time, rests and silences increase; the listener’s musical memory is tested. Pianist Helena Basilova found a renewed relevance for Feldman’s composition, in a period where time is losing its meaning, and our days are becoming increasingly monotonous. The repetitiveness of days taking over our thoughts and we seem to wait for something, not quite sure what this something will be. Do we wish the past to return? Do we long for the future to unfold? In any case, we don’t seem very comfortable to just “hang in there”, not being able to move forward. This state of floating in the present moment connects Feldman’s music to current times stronger than ever. With notes sounding, just for the sake of their existence and not for the sake of a bigger picture, Feldman is trying to disorient our perception, trying to free our memory and asking for the listener to surrender to the now. ” This way of working was a conscious attempt at formalising a disorientation of memory. Chords are heard repeated without any discernible pattern. In this regularity there is a suggestion that what we hear is functional and directional, but we soon realise that this is an illusion: a bit like walking the streets of Berlin – where all the buildings look alike, even if they’re not.” – M. Feldman about Triadic Memories. Basilova collaborated with Vincent Rang for a visual accompaniment of the music, which resulted in this video.