Oblique Time X ADE


Since March 2020 the world has run at a different pace, shifting our experience of time. Does this mean we perceive time as compressing or as expanding? And how do we spend the time we have? Oblique Time examines this changing perception of time. Pianist Helena Basilova, sound designer Salvador Breed and visual artist Nick Verstand explore the theme time in a unique amalgamation of live piano music, electro-acoustic sound design and light art. With a spatial sound system coupled to a kinetic light installation, the plasticity of time is studied, while transporting the audience to one of few certainties: the present moment.

Oblique Time: audiovisual installation + live performance
Helena Basilova: piano + composition
Salvador Breed: electro-acoustic + sound design 
Nick Verstand: scenography + light design
Originally performed in 4DSOUND (stereo mix used for this video)
Jim Teunis: hardware engineering
Wes Broersen: software development light
Poul Holleman: software development winches
Registration: Blitzkickers
Production: Stage Mate
Location: Uilenburgersjoel, Amsterdam
Kindly supported by Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds